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Vegetarian – a meat-free diet

There are several positive health effects of eating less meat – or of excluding it completely. Eating a vegetarian diet can improve your health […]

Yoga to decrease joint pain

Osteoarthritis is a disease whereby the cartilage in the body gradually breaks down. This in turn affects the joints, which often become stiff and […]


Meditation is a very old technique that is intended to relax the mind and body in combination with sharp concentration. Its purpose is to […]

Mediterranean diet

Nowadays there are lots of diets that promise awesome results. Apart from the weight loss aspect, there are also those which claim that certain […]

Mental health and joint pain

Muscle and joint pain does not necessarily mean that you have a joint disease. There may be many causes for pain in the joints. […]

Lose weight using exercise

Most of us are well aware that there are basically two keys to losing weight: exercise and diet. We understand what calories are and […]